my essayessay writercustom writingsessay writingThe surname Murphy seems to have been present in Blackhead since at least the 1830’s.

John Murphy married Elizabeth Fitzgerald in 1834.
James Murphy married Johanna Fitzgerald in 1844 and had four children.
James Murphy married Mary Feehan in 1855 and had nine children.

Henry Edstrom moved to Blackhead in the late 1840s. His wife Mary Murphy may be related to the other Murphys of Blackhead.

Patrick Murphy married Johannah Healy and had two children. Patrick was the teacher in Blackhead from 1860 to 1873.

John Murphy, son of James and Johanna, married Annie Edstrom, daughter of Henry, in 1874 and had nine children.

Denis Murphy married Elizabeth Fitzgerald and had one child.

The 1871 directory lists:

James Murphy who married Mary Feehan.
John Murphy who married Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
Patrick Murphy (Teacher)
Thomas Murphy who was a baptism sponsor in 1847.

James Murphy and Elizabeth Cooke were married in 1887. They had two children in 1887 and 1889.

Anne Murphy, daughter of James and Johanna, married Jeremiah Healy in 1874. They had six children whose descendants still live in Blackhead today.

There were Murphys in Blackhead until at least until 1904 according to headstones in the Blackhead, however, by 1921 there are no more records of any Murphys living in Blackhead.

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