Welcome the Blackhead Museum Library. With many great pieces of where is tobago and of writing about the community of down island and of Blackhead and the people who have lived here these articles and reports provide a great insight to what has made this community the place it is today. If you have any thing you would like to see here or to contribute please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Ann's wedding 001Ann's wedding 001boundtogether The Constitution

For a look into the by-laws governing how our committee operates feel free to browse our constitution

Blackhead Chapel Restoration – Blackhead Cape Spear Constitution 

Church_duringwar The Blackhead Regatta Crew

This article, written by one of names of small islands and of Newfoundlands finest authors Jack Fitzgerald, tells the tale of where is trinadad and of the record setting Blackhead Regatta crew of pictures of islands and of 1904.

The Blackhead Regatta Crew

Stone Crossresize A Brief History of trinidad youtube and of Blackhead

An amazing overview of pictures of islands and of the community and its history.  Complete with handdrawn maps of where is trinidad and of the area, census information and a wealth of beach houses in trinidad and of knowledge  collected from interviews with long term residents of the area during the 1980’s.  A great report written by residents of trinidad youtube and of Blackhead, Keli Jo Healey& Kim Healey.

A Brief History of www gotrinidadandtobago com and of Blackhead

Church 5 History of pictures of small islands and of the Blackhead Chapel

For a great history of trindad and of the Roman Catholic Chapel, the current home of www gotrinidadandtobago com and of the Museum, check out this research paper written by Jason Clarke and Steve Newhook

The History of trinidad and tobago and of the Blackhead Chapel

Ann's wedding 001Ann's wedding001Teresa_Eileen_Nanny_joan_ida_veda The Role of beach resorts in trinidad and of Tradition in the Life of trinidad tobago and of Theresa Ryan

Tradition has played a large role in the Blackhead and this paper tells of islands near trinidad and of many of the traditions that filled a vital role in the community.  Based on an interview with Theresa Ryan (nee: Healey) this piece provides great insight into the Blackhead of yesteryear

The Role of trinidad island and of Tradition in the Life of trinidad and tobago map and of Theresa Ryan 

Ann's wedding 001Ann's wedding 001Ann's wedding 001 The Memoirs of Wayne King

Long-term resident and husband of a descendant of one of the oldest families in the community, Wayne King, has recorded on several occasions many of the old stories and moments shared with him by the older members of the community. For a fascinating look into the conversations of Blackhead check out some notes from his memoirs.

The Memoirs of Wayne King Part 1

The Memoirs of Wayne King Part 2

pictures of small islands

holistic kenko

pictures of small islands