paperhelpers.orgwrite my essay was only one family with the surname Keefe in Blackhead. It is not clear when they arrived, but John Keefe and Mary Healy lived in Blackhead in 1847 when their son John Joseph was born. Mary could be the daughter of John Healy and Sarah Ireland born in September 1823.

In March 1860, The Express reported on the inquest at Blackhead Bay on the body of William Keefe, age 16. He and another man named John Power became involved in an altercation. Power hit Keefe with a beach stone. Verdict: Manslaughter against Power. William Keefe was probably a son of John Keefe and Mary Healy.

John and Mary had at least six children between 1844 and 1865.

John Keefe is not listed in the 1871 directory. He may have been deceased by then. Emily Keefe died in August 1882. According to her obituary, she was the daughter of late John Keefe.

Richard Keefe, son of John, married Johanna Fitzgerald in 1892. He died of consumption in 1900.

Mary (Healy) Keefe died November 6 1900 in St.John’s at Lunatic Asylum: Cause of death was senile decay. She was 77 years old.

It is not known what happened to the other children of John Keefe.

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