far the most common surname of the residents of Blackhead has been Healy. The earliest documented resident is Edward Healy who died in 1861 at age 95. His obituary stated that he had resided in Blackhead for the ast 50 years, since 1811. Although the Basilica records of that time did not list the place of residence of the people in the records, there is only one Edward Healy listed. The children of Edward show up in later records in Blackhead.

Many of the other names in the Blackhead records in the 1850’s and 1860’s can be traced as children of John Healy. So it appears that Edward and John Healy are the earliest settlers of Blackhead. Their relationship is unknown.

Matthew Healy and Michael Healy had large families in Blackhead during the 1840’s and 1850’s. Their descendants still live there today. Both Matthew and Michael were born in Ireland and their relationship to each other or to John and Edward is unknown. There was also a Thomas Healy from Co.Kilkenny. Matthew was from Co. Wexford.

All the Healy families of Blackhead seem to be descendants of Edward. John, Matthew, Michael, or Thomas.

Many of the families left Blackhead for St.John’s. Some moved much further including the Healy family of Deer Lake who are supposedly from Blackhead.

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