The earliest documented resident of Blackhead is Edward Healy who died May 17 1861, age 95. His obituary states that he was one of the first settlers in Blackhead and had resided there for over fifty year. It also states that he raised a large family there.
There is an Edward Healy in the early Basilica records. Edward married Ann (or Nancy) Fitzgerald. They had at least six children baptized between 1816 and 1832. This is probably the Edward of Blackhead as the names of several of these offspring show up later in the marriage records for Blackhead.

There are more Fitzgerald women who marry and raise families in Blackhead;
Elizabeth Fitzgerald married John Murphy in November 1834.
Johanna Fitzgerald married John Murphy in September 1844 and had at least four children.
Ann Fitzgerald married Patrick Healy in November of 1855 and had at least six children.

Patrick Fitzgerald is listed in 1871 as a planter and he shows up as a baptism sponsor or marriage witness many times between 1840 and 1863.

There is also a Mary Fitzgerald (born 1827, died 1907) whose name appears in the records between 1842 and 1858.

James Fitzgerald and Julia Abbott are married in 1848 in St.John’s and their first 5 children are baptized in St.John’s. By March 1860 when their 6th child Mary Jos is baptized their place of residence is given as Blackhead. They raised their family and died in Blackhead. Two of their sons raised families there.

The Fitzgerald name has been associated with Blackhead since the early 1800’s. Although difficult to prove, it seems likely that the people mentioned here are related. The ages of James and Mary suggest that they could be siblings. Patrick could be another sibling or even the father.

There are descendants of James living in Blackhead today.

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