The earliest surnames associated with Blackhead are Healy, Murphy, Fitzgerald and Power.

After 1850 the population of the community grew drastically as the families of the Healys, Murphys, Fitzgeralds, Shortalls, Edstroms and Powers expanded and many new families arrived.

The families of Samuel Allan, John and William Bradbury, Robert and Thomas Brien, Henry Cooke, Thomas Kerrivan, Thomas and John Moore, and Thomas Neill all appear in the church records after 1850.

By 1870 Blackhead was a thriving fishing community of over 200 people. It prospered through the 1870’s and 1880’s.

But between 1886 and 1890 there was a drastic decline in population due to several factors. The failure of the fishery, the loss of many due to sickness and the loss of more to drowning resulted in many families leaving Blackhead. This decline in population is reflected in the number of students enrolled in the school; from 63 students in 1886 to 17 students in 1890.

By 1890 the Edstroms were gone, as were the Allans, the Bradburys, the Moores and the Neills, By 1898 the Kerrivans, Keefes and Powers were gone.

In 1921 the only families remaining in Blackhead were Healy, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Shortall and Christopher.

By the 1950s only Heal(e)y, Cooke and Fitzgerald families were left in Blackhead and this was also one the lowest periods for the population since the community’s inception.

Today Blackhead is part of St.John’s with a paved road allowing many new families to move in.