According to present day descendants, Henry Edstrom was one of three brothers who emigrated from Norway.

Henry Edstrom and Mary Murphy are married at the Anglican Cathedral in St.John’s in November 1832. Mary maybe related to the other Murphy’s of Blackhead.

Henry is Baptized at the Basilica in January 1840 at the age of 28. By 1849, it seems the family lives in Blackhead.

Henry Edstrom and Mary Murphy had at least 11 children. At least seven of those children married and raised families in Blackhead.

Thomas, born 1832, married Margaret Healy. They had at least six children.

Mary Ann, born 1834, married James Healy. They had at least 12 children.

Margaret, born 1849, married Patrick Healy. They had at least nine children.

James married Elizabeth Feehan. They had 11 children.

William married Mary Jane Howlett. They had four children.

Ellen married John Shortall. They had seven children.

Anne married John Murphy. They had seven children.

Henry, James and Thomas Edstrom are listed in the 1871 directory.

Henry Edstrom died July 12 1873, age 61.

Mary Murphy died June 10 1880, age 68.

Thomas Edstrom died January 11 1881, age 49. His wife Margaret died January 2 1880, age 39.

Both James Edstrom and William Edstrom are dead by 1890. Both widows lived in St.John’s with their children by the end of 1890.

There were no Edstrom men left living in Blackhead by 1891.

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