The first time the surname Cooke is seen in the Blackhead records is in 1852 when both Henry and Michael Cooke are baptism sponsors. Basilica records list in St.John’s:
Henry and Michael – twins born to James Cooke and Anne Earle 30 September 1835.
Henry Cooke married Mary Ann Clarke in May 1857 in St.John’s. It is interesting to note that Mary Ann also shows up as a baptism sponsor in Blackhead in 1852 when she was 14 years old.
The 2nd child of Henry and Mary Ann is baptised in 1860 in Blackhead.
Henry and Mary Ann have at least 9 children.
Henry is listed in the directories of 1871 and 1898. He died in February of 1899 at age 65.

There was also John Cooke who married Lucy Ann Healey (daughter of Michael Healey & Bridget Cody) in November of 1874 in Blackhead. Their first 2 children are baptised in Petty Harbor. But by 1880 it seems the family lives in St.John’s.

George Cooke, born in 1869, son of Henry, married Ellen Healy (daughter of James Healy & Mary Ann Edstrom). They raised at least four children in Blackhead.

James Cooke and Ellen Healy (daughter of James Healy & Mary Bowe) are married in 1897. They raised a large family in Blackhead.

George and James Cooke and their families are listed in the 1921Census in Blackhead.

George and James are sad to be cousins. So James’ father must be Henry’s brother.

There is also Elizabeth Cooke who married James Murphy in August 1887 in Blackhead. It is possible she could have been the Elizabeth born April 1846 to James Cooke and Ann Earl.

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