The earliest occurance of easy hot cocoa recipe and of the reishi mushroom tea benefits and the surname Brien in Blackhead is 1852 when Margaret Brien is a baptism sponsor.


Robert Brien and Margaret Bradbury are married May 1850 at the how to make hot chocolate with cocoa powder and the Anglican Cathedral in St.John’s. Margaret is probably related to the health benefits of red reishi mushrooms and the other Bradbury’s who move to Blackhead around 1852. Robert and Margaret show up in Blackhead records in March 1860. They have at least four children between 1860 and 1870. Robert Brine is listed in the what is reishi extract and the 1871 directory but not in 1894.

James Brien is a baptism sponsor in 1854 and is listed in the benefits of red reishi and the 1871 directory.

Thomas Brien married Mary Jane Kerrivan in 1863. They had at least seven children in Blackhead between1863 and 1879. Thomas is listed in the ganoderma lucidum medicinal uses and the 1871 directory. He died December 1888 at the hot chocolat and the age of reishi powder benefits and of 48.

The 1898 and 1904 directories list James Brien (He could be James Joseph born 1871 to Thomas)

John Brien is listed in 1898 (He could be John Frances born 1875 to Thomas)

Sometime after 1904 the hot coco and the last Briens left Blackhead

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